Halfon Boats

Weighing just fifty pounds, this eight foot by three foot catamaran comfortably carries up to six-hundred pounds, three passengers, and pets.  Stand on it, sit on it, sleep on it, even ride on it in a secured wheelchair.  Paddles and safety straps are included. 

Two Patented Paddle Options: 

    1. Light, tensile-strength aluminum: Perfect for family fun, fishing, fast paddling, rescue, and sunbathing.

    2. Heavy-duty fiberglass:  Optimum for open water use, exercise, recreation, scuba diving, and exploring 

 All our paddles float and come with tie-downs. 

Lightweight, versatile and strong, the PADDLE CAT is several boats in one.  It's a paddle board, a rescue craft, a fishing boat, a dive platform, and, very importantly, if necessary, a vessel capable of staying afloat over rough, stormy seas. 

Join the thousands already enjoying fun, versatility, and safety with the world's first multi-purpose, mini-catamaran...the Halfon PADDLE CAT.  Get yours today!

Bonus Option: Our lightweight, easy-to-use Wheeled Transporter makes it simple to roll the PADDLE CAT effortlessly to and from the water for launching and retrieval.

Originally designed as a water rescue craft for beach, boat and ship, the Paddle Cat stays dry on top, because its flat deck rides above the water line.  Its specially-designed catamaran hull provides a safe, stable platform upon which a drowning person may exit dangerous cold water, evade marine predators, stay dry, and paddle towards salvation.  The PADDLE CAT'S rectangular shape and bright color can be seen miles away for potential rescuers to spot. 

Paddle Cat

Advantages of the PADDLE CAT versus the Paddle Board:
   1. Cost... more affordable and useful than paddle boards

   2. Performance... more stable, lighter, faster, and easier to handle

   3. Capacity... holds three people, pets, and up to six-hundred pounds 

   4. Versatility... scuba, exercise, rescue, fishing, and providing safe maritime enjoyment for disabled Veterans and others physically challenged

   5. Customize... optional seats, straps, tackle boxes and rod holders

   6. Guarantee... unique design and one-piece construction keep the PADDLE CAT's deck dry, difficult to flip and virtually impossible to sink

Welcome to the future of paddle boarding!

In an emergency, the Paddle Cat may be dropped safely into the water from ship, helicopter or pier.  It's ideally useful for flood rescue, too, especially when hurricanes and super storms swamp cities and towns, trapping hopeless folks in flooded homes, hotels, and hospitals.  The Paddle Cat can save thousands of human and animal lives by floating them and their belongings to higher, safer ground and shelter. 

Dimensions: 8 ft x 3 ft x 1 ft.  Weight: 50 lbs.  Capacity: 600 lbs. 

The PADDLE CAT beats the paddle board every time in every category!

Introducing Halfon Boats' PADDLE CAT... the world's first patented, unflippable, unsinkable multi-use personal catamaran, a one-of-kind watercraft combining extensive rescue and recreational utility. 

The Paddle Cat: