​​                                                          RESCUE BOARD

*    PADDLE CAT'S deck rides above the waterline, keeping riders and belongings dry

​*    Saves people, pets and personal items from flooded areas by floating all to safety

*    Someone drowning may easily exit dangerous waters and row towards salvation

*    Rescuers can swiftly pull on board anyone in peril and begin CPR without delay

*    Searchers standing on deck can use the high viewing angle to maintain visual contact

*    The catamaran's shape and bright colors help potential rescuers see it from a distance

Paddle Cat

Enjoy fun, health and safety on the water with the world's most versatile

mini-catamaran, the PADDLE CAT

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"Have Fun with Halfon!"

​​​"The Future of Paddle Boarding!"

​​​​​                                                      PERSONAL CATAMARAN

*  Strong, stable, and sea-worthy even in rough water

*  Unparalleled Versatility: Paddle, Fish, Dive, Exercise, Yoga, Motor, Explore, Rescue     

​*  Healthy fun for everyone of all strengths and skill levels

*  Safe for Wheelchair use, secured by our specially-designed restraints


*  Simple, easy fun    *  No lessons needed; no falling off   

*  Paddle your way... Sit, stand or kneel     *  Carries three adults safely

    *  Paddle successfully first time on board     *  Traction tape, rod holder and rope included  ​           



Halfon Boats'

                                           Introducing the PADDLE CAT  

             The world's first patented, multi-use personal catamaran, suitable for all ages: 

       A versatile, one-of-a-kind watercraft with extensive recreational and rescue functionality.

              Weight: 50 lbs.  Capacity: 500 lbs.  Dimensions: 8 ft. long x 3 ft. wide x 1 ft deep.

                 PADDLE CAT