Advantages of the PADDLECAT

​​                                                          RESCUE BOARD

*    Save People, Pets and Personal Items from flooded areas by floating all to safety 

*    Drowning persons can easily exit dangerous waters, and row towards salvation

*    The deck rides above the waterline, keeping riders and their belongings dry

*    The catamaran shape and bright colors help potential rescuers spot it from a distance

*    A searcher standing on deck can use the high viewing angle to maintain visual contact

*    A rescuer can swiftly pull a drowning person on board and begin CPR without delay

​​                                                                 PADDLECAT  

             The world's first patented, multi-use personal catamaran, suitable for all ages: 

       A versatile, one-of-a-kind watercraft with extensive recreational and rescue functionality.

              Weight: 50 lbs.  Capacity: 500 lbs.  Dimensions: 8 ft. long x 3 ft. wide x 1 ft deep.

"The Future of Paddle Boarding!"

Paddle Cat

                 PADDLE CAT

Enjoy the water with the world's first, most practical multi-purpose,

mini-catamaran providing health, joy and safety for all.

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"Have Fun with Halfon!"

Halfon Boats'

​​​​​                                                      PERSONAL CATAMARAN

*    Strong, stable, and sea-worthy even in rough water

*    Unparalleled Versatility: Paddle, Fish, Dive, Exercise, Yoga, Motor, Explore, Rescue     

​*    Healthy fun for everyone of all strengths and skill levels

*    Safe for Wheelchair use, secured by our specially-designed restraints


*    Simple, easy, stress-free fun.                            *    Paddle your way!  Sit, stand or kneel.

*    No lessons required.  No falling off.                 *    Carries three adults safely

*    Successfully paddle first time on board           *    Traction tape, rod holder and rope included  ​           


Cost... Most affordable and useful personal catamaran

Performance... Light, fast, stable, and easy to use, first time and every time

Capacity... Holds people, pets, and equipment, up to 500 hundred pounds

Versatility... .  Provides playful, heatlhy, and safe maritime fun for all, including people in wheelchairs!

Options...  Seats, Utility Boxes, Motor Mounts and Paddles.  F
ishing Rod Holder, Safety Rope and Traction Tape included for free.

Guarantee... Unique design and one-piece construction keep the PADDLECAT stable, and impossible to sink.  Includes a LIFETIME LIMITED REPLACEMENT WARRANTY!